Free Network Tools For Data Protection

Network Tools

Data loss can occur due to a hard drive crash, virus attack, or other reasons. Cyber attackers and hackers are always trying to find a loophole in the network’s security. Once they get the loose port in the system, they deploy their malware or viruses. Afterward, they encrypt or corrupt the data, leaving the user unable to access critical files.

Data Recovery CBL provides various network tools that ensure your system stays safe from the risk of data loss through malware and viruses. With our quality tools, your organization can improve network security that automatically eliminates the majority of data loss problems caused by various cyberattacks.

Our network tools are easy to use and effective against various data loss threats. Data Recovery CBL’s network security specialists regularly update the tools by adding new malware and virus definitions to the code. It facilitates complete system security from unwanted and harmful elements like ransomware that compromise the data security and integrity.


Data Recovery CBL’s Network Tools

  • Brute Force Detection and Blacklisting

The internet is full of harmful bots and potentially unwanted programs that make their way through less secure system ports and paths. We use the power shell to curate an automatic defense system that safeguards your computers from various types of attacks like brute force.

  • Ping Sweep

A good approach to finding security loopholes is to track the data shared on the network. Our tool archives and lists the information of every file that is getting shared on the system’s network.

  • Password Expiry Notification

This script is suitable for users who face trouble using the power shell. It notifies the users about the expiry of their network password/network code.

  • Employee Emergency Notification

It is another power shell-based network tool. This power shell script comes in handy to send and exchange email-to-text to all your employees.

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